Show up for yourself by taking care of your health!

The Love Yourself Challenge starts
Monday, February 13th!!

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You Write A Love Letter To Yourself Every Time You Take Care Of Your Mind & Body

Take the leap to commit to yourself and your wellness. Get all the tools you need to get stronger & prioritize your health.

Guided programs
to build strength 
& mobility

Meal plan
to fuel your workouts 
& your life

Weekly book club
to support a 
strong mindset

Global community
to support and 
encourage you

Win Thousands

in cash & prizes

Get all of this for $49.99!

*You require a Train with Joan app subscription to participate in the challenge. New members enjoy a free trial for the duration of the Love Yourself Challenge.

Rebuild Your Relationship With Yourself

Women just like you have fallen in love with making 
themselves a priority! You can do it too!

$10,000 In Cash & Prizes To Over 35 Winners

You’ll have a chance to win prizes every week!

Challenge Finisher

Complete every workout to be entered to win!

Community Builder

Support and motivate your fellow challengers to win!

Weekly Book Club Prizes

Join our live book club to win!

Train With Joan Challengers Transform & Thrive Beyond Body & Mind

Meet Your Trainer, Joan McDonald

My fitness story has traveled the world. I took back my health at age 70. With the help of my daughter Michelle, I transformed my body, health, and mindset. I went from weighing almost 200 pounds to being on magazine covers, in TV interviews, and an author.


The best part of my transformation is seeing women from all over the world also change their lives with the Train with Joan app. You can change your life and rewrite your story at any age! Let’s get started with the Love Yourself Challenge!

Make Getting Fit, Strong & Healthy Your Partner in Life!

The Love Yourself Challenge sets the foundation that goes beyond 6 weeks with sustainable, healthy habits.

Choose between Limited Range of Motion or Gain Momentum - Total Body workouts for maximum results!

New delicious meal plan to fuel your training.

Weekly Book Club discussions with Joan and Michelle!

$10,000 in cash & prizes 
over 35 Winners!

Still Have Questions?

The Love Yourself Challenge is $49.99. If you’re not currently a Train With Joan app member, you will get the subscription free for the duration of the challenge.

You do not need a gym membership to participate in the challenge. You can do the workouts anywhere, including your living room.

This challenge is perfect for all fitness levels. I have included a program specifically for people with a limited range of motion. You will also have rest and recovery days planned into the program. The workouts are fully guided and the meal plan is easy to follow and stick to.

The Love Yourself Challenge is hosted in the Train with Joan app. You will have full access to the program a few days before the official start date of February 6th. Once you register for the challenge, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you need to crush your goals!

The challenge is six weeks long, starting Monday, February 13th, and ending Sunday, March 27th, 2023.

Mat, dumbbells, exercise ball, bench/couch

Still have questions? Please reach out to and my team will be happy to assist you