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Meet your coach, Alex Redmond

Stop seeing fitness as a chore, and make it a way of life!

I used to think the only way to look and feel good was to do a ton of cardio and eat 1200 calories a day. After restricting myself so much during the week, I would binge eat on the weekend. Fitness became a punishment. I felt like I was hitting the reset button every Monday.

I was sick of being in this vicious cycle, but nothing else seemed to work and I was afraid if I ate more and lifted weights I’d get ‘bulky’.


I felt stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. So I decided to seek out support and got a coach. My life changed.


After years of learning, I now teach busy women how to stop seeing fitness as a chore and make fitness a way of life.
Instead of spinning your wheels trying different diets that aren’t giving you the results you want, I’ll save you time and energy by eliminating the guesswork with Bizfit.


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