Complete Wellness At Your Fingertips

Convenience Meets Comprehensive Wellness

Easily access everything you need for a holistic wellbeing journey, right from your device. Whether you’re at home, in the gym, or on the go, SoManti is always ready to guide you.

Fully-Guided Workouts

With form tips to build strength and confidence.

Nutrition Without Compromise

Meals that thrill the palate and fuel your body

A Global Community Of Positivity

Share wins, progress, and celebrate milestones together

Always On, Just For You

With Samantha as your virtual coach, get step-by-step guidance and infectious energy with every workout. Transform any space into your training ground, on your terms.

Nourish Without Limits

Move beyond diets with meals that nourish the body and satisfy taste buds. Explore hundreds of curated recipes you’ll love – from energizing breakfasts and post-workout treats to delectable mains.Your culinary journey awaits.

Journey Together, Grow Stronger

Find support and radiate positivity within a vibrant community. Set your fitness goals, track your progress effortlessly, and awaken your motivation daily with uplifting affirmations. At every step of your journey, your community is right beside you.

Meet Your Coach, Samantha Ortiz

Named NYC’s best fitness trainer by Classpass two years running, Samantha’s accolades from top platforms like the New York Times and Nike only scratch the surface.


Samantha doesn’t just guide workouts—she creates transformative experiences. It’s her infectious energy and unwavering positivity that make the real difference. Every session feels as though she’s right beside you: cheering, motivating, and urging you to break your boundaries.


Ready to team up with a force of nature?

Wellness Elevated, Costs Grounded

SoManti bridges top-tier fitness coaching, delicious meals, and a vast global community, all without breaking the bank.