Reshape the way you train, eat, and live. Build long-term, sustainable strategies to transform your life!

The Transforming Habits Challenge

starts January 9th!

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A Structured Program To Build A Strong & Healthy Body

Build impactful habits for a stronger, healthier version of you with training that pushes you while creating results. Establish a blueprint of healthy eating and good habits to last all year.

Fully-guided programs
to build strength and endurance for for all fitness levels

Meal Plans
that are easy to make. Eat clean to get lean with delicious recipes

Group workouts
every week to keep you engaged & motivated

Tips on creating
good habits and dropping the bad ones

Private community
for support and encouragement

All this for only $49.99!

*You need a PRETTY MUSCLES app subscription to participate in the challenge. 
New members will get a six-week FREE trial.

Feel Confident In Your Skin

These women changed how they look and feel in just 6 weeks. 
Now imagine what you can do.

Over $10,000 in prizing!

There are four easy ways to get a chance to win some incredible prizes.

Challenge Finisher

Complete every workout for your chance to win.

Non-Scale Victory

Share your wins that can't be measured on a scale.

Community Builder

Support and motivate your fellow challengers.

Sticky Habit Creator

Share the habits you are committed to for the long run.

PRETTY MUSCLES Challengers Have Transformed Their Bodies & Minds

Meet Your Trainer, 
Erin Oprea

For the last two decades, Erin Oprea has been mentoring her clients on how to create healthy, sustainable habits one workout and one meal at a time.


Her training style goes beyond the physical transformation. Instead, she focuses on the education and psychology that make habits stick, and in return, live a lifestyle that gives you the energy and strength to do all the things you want to do in life.


After all, the best thing you can wear is your confidence!

Set The Benchmark 
For 2023

The Transforming Habits Challenge gives you all the actionable steps to make habits stick throughout the year. Create the foundation that you can continue to build on all year.

Total-body circuit training to boost your endurance and strength workouts.

Brand new meal plan that follows Erin’s book “The 4x4 Diet”

Learn how to build positive habits for life.

Get support from an amazing, private community

Get the chance to win from a pool of $10,000 in prizes.

Still Have Questions?

The Transforming Habits Challenge is $49.99. You need a PRETTY MUSCLES app subscription to participate in the challenge. New members will get a six-week FREE trial.

Yes! The Transforming Habits Challenge can be done at home or the gym.

Absolutely! The Transforming Habits Challenge is designed for all fitness levels.

The challenge is available in the PRETTY MUSCLES app. It will be available a couple of days before the official start date.

The challenge is 6 weeks. It begins on January 9, 2023, and ends on February 20, 2023.

You will need dumbbells – ideally, you have varying levels of weights so you can increase or decrease your lifting based on your needs. You also require a mat, resistance bands, a medicine ball, and a chair.

Still have questions? Please reach out to