Stop Feeling Stiff & Bloated

Learn how to move
better & eat smarter


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Your body shouldn’t snap, crackle and pop when you move.

And you shouldn’t need to reach for your comfy pants after a meal.


These “signs of aging” aren’t inevitable.


And better yet, you can reverse them.


So, if you hear the sound of crinkly paper when you move your head too fast


….or your knees make that popping noise every time you bend over


….or your maternity pants from 5 years ago have become your eating pants

Then this challenge is for you!

Over 30 days, 
you'll learn how to:

Reduce inflammation with the right foods.

Balance your plate without giving up your treats.

Increase mobility and minimize joint pain.

And, of course, make those PRETTY MUSCLES, baby!

Join the Reset & Restore Challenge for only $39.99

That’s less than $1.34/day

*New member? Receive a 6-week free membership when you join the Reset & Restore Challenge!

Just say no to the bloat

You know that feeling:
We’re going to fix that.
Because it’s all about balancing your plate, baby!
We gonna focus on eating anti-inflammatory meals, fat-proofing your body, and restoring your health. Don’t worry, the meals will still be delicious. And yes, dessert is included. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be doing this challenge!

Build a body to last your lifetime

Which is why I’m so excited to welcome Hali to our challenge. She is a certified mobility and rehabilitation coach who is passionate about helping people heal their pain and learn new movement.


She is going to show you how to:

Increase mobility and flexibility

Build strength over time

Lower the risk of injury

Improve your performance in daily activities.

Still not convinced?

PRETTY MUSCLES members have been enjoying the benefits of mobility!
This is how their lives have changed.

Join the Reset & Restore Challenge for only $39.99

That’s less than $1.34/day

*New member? Receive a 6-week free membership when you join the Reset & Restore Challenge!

Your 30 day Reset & Restore Curriculum

30 days of movement designed to build strength, endurance & mobility

Balanced meal plans to reduce inflammation

Weekly live mobility classes with Hali

Live Q&As to answer all of your questions

Mini contests and prizes to support motivation

A community to cheer you on

And so much more…


I have trained thousands of people: stay-at-home moms, corporate women, athletes, and even a few celebrities along the way. They’re living their best lives: they’re fit, eating well, and lookin’ and feelin’ good!


The Best Thing You Can Put On Is Your Confidence!


I don’t have a gym membership. Can I still do the Reset & Restore Challenge from home?

Yes. This challenge can be done at home or at the gym.



I’m a complete beginner or just getting back into fitness. Can I still join?

Absolutely! I designed this challenge for all fitness levels! It’s easy to follow and stick to. I encourage you to modify the moves, reps, and sets following your fitness level.



What’s the cost of the challenge?

The investment in yourself is only $39.99 + the Pretty Muscles app subscription to join the challenge. If you’re a new member, receive a 6-week free membership when you join the Reset & Restore Challenge!


How do I access the challenge?

The challenge will be available on the Pretty Muscles app. You’ll get access to the workouts and meal plans a few days before we officially start on Monday, October 24th. Once registered, you will receive an email with all the details you need for a successful challenge.


How long is the challenge?

30 days.


What type of equipment do I need?

You will need dumbbells, mat, and resistance bands.