Uncover the best version of yourself

Start the year strong! Strengthen your body and mind with a transformative 8-week challenge that will push you to a new level.


Starts January 23, 2023!

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This Is Where You Show Up To Establish Your Limits & Push Past Them

Start 2023 off strong with a challenge designed to level up your body and mind. Create the foundation and habits you can continue to build on all year long, with an exclusive new training program, delicious meal plans, community support and mindset guidance.

Exclusive training program
to increase strength, endurance & flexibility

Curated meal plans

to complement your workouts

Mindset guide
to elevate your journey

Constant support

from the private NKED community

Get all of this for just $79.99!

*A NKED subscription is needed to participate in the challenge. 
New members get a free trial for the duration of the challenge.

When You Put Yourself First,
Positive Results Follow

Over $5,000 In Prizes To Win!

Grand Prize

Complete the 8-week challenge to be entered to win $3,000 worth of premium weights for your elite workout experience.

2 X Best Transformation Prizes

Submit your before and after photos to be entered to win $1,000 worth of workout gear to take your weight training to the next level.

Welcome The Challenge, Embrace The Results

Meet Your Trainer, Valentina

Valentina Lequeux is an athlete, coach, and wellness professional who knows that having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. She credits anything valuable in her life came through hard work, and discipline forged from actioning simple daily habits.

Valentina is going to push you to discover how strong and powerful you are. She is going to help you have a healthy relationship with your new habits so they become a fabric of your life.

The NKED NEW YEAR CHALLENGE has all the tools you need to make your fitness and health goals achievable.

Set The Benchmark For 2023

To achieve results you require balance and discipline. The NKED NEW YEAR CHALLENGE gives you all the tools with an easy-to-follow training program to do at home or the gym, a nutritional plan that doesn’t feel restrictive, and the mindset to create simple and sustainable habits that stick.

Build muscle and strength without plateauing your progress.

Get access to new vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore meal plans to complement your training.

Create an athlete’s mindset where fitness is not a chore but a lifestyle.

Get the chance to win from a pool of $5,000 workout equipment to elevate your training.

Still Have Questions?

The NKED NEW YEAR CHALLENGE is $79.99 + your subscription. If you do not have a subscription to the NKED app, you will receive an 8-week FREE trial for the duration of the challenge.

You do not need to have a gym membership to complete the workouts. We have at-home or gym options.

You can still join. All of my challenges and programs are designed to achieve your fitness and health goals, wherever you are in your fitness journey.

The NKED NEW YEAR CHALLENGE will be available in the NKED app a couple of days before the official start of the challenge.

The challenge is 8 weeks, beginning January 23, 2023.

You will need dumbbells, kettlebells, a mat, resistance bands, and a bench.

Still have questions? Please reach out to nked@plankk.com and our team will get back to you as soon as they can!