Can you throw a punch?
How about A knockout Punch?

Let’s Crush Your workout Plan
with Michael Jai

It's time for a fitness program with discipline, rigor, & attitude.

Step onto the Mat.
Join The Dojo by Michael Jai.

let mike train you to increase speed, strength, & Stamina. develop a warrior ethos And land a powerful attack.

Become the leanest, meanest version of yourself. Be proud when you look in the mirror with quiet confidence & calm discipline.

your fist clenched -
ready to fight.

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Let's Talk about Mike, Your Trainer.


Mike’s a big shot Hollywood actor holding black belts in eight fighting styles. He has 26 titles. He’s the first African American to play a superhero (“Spawn”) in a blockbuster movie.

His accomplishments are a result of the discipline he learned through martial arts.

Mike set big goals, endured, persevered, and ultimately reached new heights.

Mike's Waiting For you On the Mat.

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Join the Dojo by Michael Jai

Phase 1: The Fundamentals

Perfect the proper fighting stance. Maximize force and power while you progress towards the knockout punch. Develop a stronger core and fast-twitch muscles that will increase your agility and your strength.

Phase 2: Attack

Train towards advanced moves that create harder impact. Focus on stamina and strength to increase power while burning fat.

Phase 3: The Finish

Level-up to combo moves: producing incredible speed, precision, & energy.

Wait... There's more! Everything you need to win.

Nutrition Plan: Eat like a fighter

Daily meal plan to help you fuel your body. You can't out-train a bad diet.

Community: We talk about fight club

Share tips and tricks with Mike, trainers, and fellow fighters.

Dojo Insider: Members-only benefits

Exclusive promos, discounts, specials, and merchandise.

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