Take Your Mind & Body 
To The Next Level

Take Your Mind & Body 
To The Next Level

Level Up Challenge starts
Monday, June 12, 2023!

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Rise Above Ordinary – Unleash Your Inner Athlete!

Ready to redefine your limits and discover your hidden strength? Join the Level Up Challenge, an empowering fitness journey that will help you sculpt your body and mind for an unstoppable transformation.

Power-Packed Workouts
Sculpt a lean, toned body.

Wholesome Meals

Enjoy easy, flavorful recipes.

Guided Learning

Benefit from Jen's Q&As, insights, and coaching.

Dynamic Community

Flourish within our transformation-focused tribe.

The 6-week Level Up
Challenge is just $49.99!

*You need a Fit With Jen app subscription to join the challenge. New members will receive a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge.

The Power of Six Weeks

Experience the joy of continually working toward becoming the healthiest, strongest version of yourself, and witness your transformation unfold.

Level Up, Win Big – Over
$5,000 in Rewards Await!

Challenge Finisher

Complete every workout to qualify to win

Community Builders

Encourage and motivate your fellow challengers

Best Transformation

Show off what 6 weeks of hard work looks like

Non-Scale Victory

Share your accomplishments that go beyond the scale

Life-Changing Testimonials From Past Challengers

Meet Your Coach,
Jen Heward

Jen is an accomplished certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach who has helped thousands of women transform their lives through sustainable lifestyle changes. Her approach prioritizes whole-food nutrition, strength training, and mental fortitude to build strong, confident, and resilient women.


With the Level Up Challenge, Jen will be your guide and motivator, pushing you to reach your full potential and achieve your fitness goals. Join her now to start your journey to a better you!

Step out of your comfort zone with the Level Up Challenge

Push yourself beyond your limits, build confidence, and elevate your fitness journey.

Power-Packed Circuits: Forge your path to a leaner, toned physique through strength building and muscle-enhancing workouts.

Whole Food Nutrition: Complement your fitness strides with delectable, simple-to-cook meal plans.

Interactive Weekly Sessions: Keep your fitness flame alive with weekly live sessions featuring Q&As, nutritional guidance, and insightful education from Jen.

Vibrant Community: Unite, celebrate, and thrive alongside a community of women walking the same transformative path.

Still Have Questions?

The 6-Week Level Up Challenge is $49.99. You need a Fit With Jen app subscription to join the challenge. New members will receive a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge.

The Level Up Challenge has an at-home and gym program, so membership is not a requirement.

Congratulations on making the decision to take care of your fitness. The Level Up Challenge is designed for all fitness levels.

The Level Up Challenge is in the Fit With Jen app on iOS and Android. You will have access to the challenge a few days before the official start date. Don’t worry, we will email you your checklist, so you have everything you need.

The Level Up Challenge is 6 weeks. It starts Monday, June 12, 2023 and ends Sunday, July 23, 2023.

You will need

  • • Dumbbells
  • • Mat
  • • Bench
  • • Booty bands

Still, have questions? Please reach out to fitwithjen@plankk.com.