Anniversary Challenge!

Improve your quality 
of life in 6 weeks!

Change your mindset and continue your journey to better health with hundreds of beautiful people cheering you on!

$10,000 in cash and prizes to over 35 winners!

The Anniversary Challenge Starts September 12th!

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Light a fire 
within &

embrace the 
future you!

Celebrate the Train With Joan 1-year anniversary by getting out of your comfort zone and going on a 6-week journey with Joan and Michelle!

This challenge isn’t just about moving more and eating cleaner. We’ll also dive deep into the book “The Big Leap,” a staple in ”The Wonder Women” program. Every week we’ll meet as a group to discuss mindset, and chat about key takeaways from each chapter.


What holds most people back from their ultimate transformation is their mindset. Join the challenge to discover what’s standing in the way of your goals, how you can let go of what isn’t serving you, and what you need to do to create the life you want!

Take Charge 
of Your Health With Guidance 
& Support

all this for just $49.99!

*current members check your email for a special discount code


We are giving away over $10,000 in cash and prizes to over 35 challenge participants.


There are so many more ways to win, all you need to do is sign up and complete the challenge and you can be one of our lucky winners.


Plus participate in our community every week to win a private coaching session with Joan and Michelle!

Still not 

Check out these incredible transformations 
from the Train With Joan Community

Check out what my 
past challengers had to say...

Meet Your Coaches

“The best time to start taking care of yourself was yesterday. The second best time is today!”


I took back my health at age 70, and I’m here to help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle! Because it’s never too late to change your life! With the help of my daughter Michelle, I went from weighing almost 200 pounds to landing the cover of fitness magazines. I’ll help you take back your health the same way that I did – with a safe, balanced approach to fitness that anyone can do at any age or fitness level!

Trainer, Entrepreneur, WBFF 2020 Diva Fitness USA Champion


I’m teaming up with my mom to show you what’s possible when you change your way of thinking. Because poor health doesn’t have to be inevitable and there is nothing standing in the way of your goals except yourself! I helped my mom kickstart her transformation, and now it’s your turn. Come train with us, improve your mindset, and take back your health!


Yes! Current members can 
join for just $34.99
Check your email for a special discount code.

Here are more answers to your questions…

Nope. If you’ve never subscribed to Train With Joan you can join the challenge for just $49.99 and will receive a free subscription to the app for the entire challenge.
Yes! This is a minimal equipment workout program – no gym membership is required. You can do the workouts from anywhere, including your living room!
Of course! This program is perfect for all fitness levels! I’ve even included a plan for those of you with limited range of motion. And rest days and active recovery are built into the program, so it’s easy to follow and stick to. Plus the workouts are fully guided and the recipes are easy to follow!
Yes! My team and I have made the program as flexible as possible with optional meal plans and 40 to 50-minute workouts you can do anywhere, anytime.
If you’re new to the app, the investment in yourself is only $49.99 (you get a free trial to use during the challenge). Current members of the app can join for just $34.99! Make sure you check your email for the special promo code. And once you join, you’ll get the chance to win one of our over 50 prizes we are giving away!
The entire challenge is hosted on the Train With Joan app. You’ll get access to the challenge program a few days before we officially start on September 12th. Don’t worry! Once you’ve signed up, I’ll email you all of the details so you’re set up for success.
Please contact my team at with any other questions you might have!

Everything you need to wind the clock back up!

  • • Minimal Equipment Programs for ALL levels

  • • Private Community 
for Motivation

  • • Progress Tracking Guidance

  • • Weekly Mini-Challenges 
& Giveaways

  • • Support from Me 
and Michelle

  • • Chance to Win PRIZES HERE

Still have questions?

Please contact my team at with any other questions you might have!