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Imagine having everything you need to get in the best shape of your life inside and out ...without having to figure it out on your own.

My new app has everything you need all in one place!

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are looking to get stronger and more fit, Strong by Sierra makes it easy for you to reach your goals with all the tools you need in one spot! 

Transform your body and build strength with Home & Gym Strength Training Workouts

Lose body fat, build muscle and feel your best while still enjoying the foods you love!

Lean how to stay motivated and consistent with tools to track your progress and stay accountable!

Gain confidence and support with an inspiring online community.

What Workout Programs Are Included?

Choose between three different stand-alone programs that were expertly designed to help you meet your individual fitness goals or jump into the Monthly Lift with Sierra!

Your moves, reps, sets, and rests are all laid out for you and can be done at home or at the gym so you workout wherever is convenient for you! 


Phase 1: 4 week intro to strength training.


Phase 2 - 8 Week Strength Training program for beginners/Int.


Phase 3: 8 Week Strength Training program for Intermediate/


New Monthly Lift with Sierra! *Exclusive to app*

Struggling with nutrition, proper form or accountability?

Don't worry, Strong By Sierra covers it all!

Meal Plans to help you get results and feel your best!

  • • Whole foods. Nutrient-dense meals. Uncomplicated recipes. No stressing about what to eat or when!
  • • Follow expertly curated plans to get results or create your own.
  • • Over 1000+ recipes to choose from!

Video Demonstrations, Progress Tracking & More!

  • • Videos with voiceovers and detailed instructions to help you nail form and technique.
  • • Progress Tracking within the App + ability to save your favorite workouts.
  • • Ability to track your reps and weights directly in the app!
  • • Apple Music and Spotify Playlists

Coaching + Supportive Community To Keep You Accountable!

Coaching + Supportive Community To Keep You Accountable! Going it alone rarely works. So with Strong By Sierra you get:

  • • Access to a members only private board within the app.
  • • Access to a private Facebook Group to ask Sierra and the team questions directly.
  • • A community of like-minded humans to help and support you along the way, empower you to get in the best shape of your life!

Real Women. Real Results.

I lost 24 pounds and kept it off! This program is so much more than a fitness program! I had loads of anxiety and depression and I can tell it’s slowing starting to go away. Sierra you’re amazing & you’ve honestly changed my life for the better.


In eight weeks, I lost 20 lbs and 12.75 inches. But I gained a NEW RESPECT FOR MYSELF & MY BODY! MY LIFE IS COMPLETELY CHANGED!I can feel ALL the parts of me getting stronger, inside and out. This is the best decision I’ve made for ME in a very long time.


I was able gain 10 pounds in muscle working with Sierra the past couple years. I feel healthy, toned and as strong as ever. Before Sierra, I had a hard time building muscle. She created a program that was attainable yet effective. She challenged me, but did not leave me feeling burnt out!


I just love love love Sierra’s personal touch and involvement and the time she puts in. Every week is super valuable, and of course all the kick-ass (literally kicked my a$$) workouts where she focuses on the form are why it’s super effective. Your program rocks girl!!


When I started week 1, I could not even do the circuits 3x through. As the weeks went on, I became stronger and determined. The weeks where we repeated the workouts, I really felt like I was able to "crush" those workouts. I have never worked out as much as I did on this program! I have grown physically and mentally. This program has helped me see that I am so damn worth it!!


I lost 20 pounds! I loved that the workouts were something that we all could easily complete at home. I’ve been more upbeat and able to enjoy myself more. It’s different because you actually can talk to Sierra and she doesn’t just brush you off. She genuinely cares about all of us.


Ready to transform your body, improve your health and feel more confident than ever before?

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12 Months Equal to

$8.33 / month

$99.99 billed annually after the 7-day free trial



$19.99 / month

Billed monthly after the 7-day free trial

Checkout on the next page. Prices in USD. Subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period. You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time.

You deserve to look and feel your best inside and out and I'm going to help you get there!

Hi, I'm Sierra!

Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist. Entrepreneur. Lover of Good Humans. Turning Struggle into Strength.

My mission is to empower women of all shapes and sizes to feel sexy, strong, and confident in their own skin! Because fitness is so much more than losing weight. It’s about loving your body, living a healthier lifestyle, and being the best, strongest version of you that you can be.


There are no coincidences. There is a reason you’ve read all the way to the end of this page. There is a reason you’ve been drawn here today, to me, exactly as you are. The first step is often the hardest. But that incredible feeling you’ll get when you take action and finally do something for will be so worth it! 

Let’s get strong together!

I’m so excited to meet you.



What’s Holding You Back?

Trust me, I get it when your goals can feel impossible to achieve…

Maybe you just don’t know where to begin, and it feels overwhelming?

Maybe you tried before and had a bad experience?

Maybe you feel too busy right now, and you’re gonna put it off until “later”...

Here’s a simple truth:


You’re reading this right now because deep down you know you can improve.


Even small steps towards self-improvement can significantly improve how you look, how you feel and how you live your life!


So, while there’s plenty of reasons for holding back, maybe…


You just haven’t found the right fit, and that’s about to change!

Real Women. Real Results.

Working with Sierra has been transformative for me – not just physically. Yes, I’ve grown stronger, leaner, more toned and fit, and my energy level is higher (and more even); but more than that, I’ve become more confident about how I look and feel. She’s grounded, wise, empathetic and inspiring. I’m grateful to spend time with her, learn from her and grow my friendship with her!


I feel empowered again. I've always loved fitness and eating healthy, but I've "yo-yoed" and every time I quit.

Because of Sierra, I no longer run on the treadmill 6 miles and then weight train for two hours every day. I no longer gorge myself on gimmicks and short-term trials in an effort to make myself feel better from the outside in. I eat good food, treats in moderation, and give my workouts my all without getting burnt out, and my body is changing more than it ever has.


Working with Sierra is the best way to start my day. She’s smart, sweet and mean. Everything needed to push me to meet my goals while keeping me safe. She’s in tune with my body, hears my concerns and bases my workouts on how I feel. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.



Yes, the Strong By Sierra app is great for all fitness levels, even total beginners.


The app uses safe and easy to learn exercises, which are also simple to modify to match the intensity your body needs.


Plus, each workout comes complete with videos and detailed instructions to ensure you safely and effectively execute each movement.

Strong By Sierra uses both bodyweight workouts and weighted workouts.


Sierra encourages all individuals to use simple/low-cost equipment, like a pair or two of dumbbells, some resistance bands and a weight bench.


Incorporating exercises using weights and added resistance has been proven to aid in fat burning, strength gains and positive increases in overall health and wellness.


However, if you’re limited on equipment, don’t worry. You can modify nearly every exercise to fit your unique access to equipment.

Strong By Sierra workouts last between 20-35 minutes, each.


One of Sierra’s top priorities was to create very effective workouts designed for busy people. This means you can more easily squeeze in a workout before work, during lunch or at the end of the day… and get amazing results!

Search the Apple App Store for “Strong By Sierra”, and tap GET to download the app.


Once downloaded, enter your login details to begin using the App.

You can use the App wherever you want! We have members who use the app to workout in their living rooms, and others who enjoy taking the app to a fitness club.


Sierra recommends doing the workouts where you can be free from unnecessary distractions, so you can get the most out of each workout.

Don't Miss Out. Get Started Today!

12 Months

Equal to

$8.33 / month

$99.99 billed annually after the 7-day free trial

1 Month


$19.99 / month

Billed monthly after the 7-day free trial

Prices in USD. Subscriptions will auto-renew at the end of each subscription period. You can cancel your auto-renewal at any time.

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