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This Challenge will be AWESOME!

As a new member, when you sign up and pay for the Challenge,
you get a free pass on the App.

Here's how to redeem your two-month free pass:

1. Tap Let's Do This

2. Tap SIGN UP WITH EMAIL and Create an Account.

3. Tap "Spring Into Summer Challenge" then tap NEXT.

4. Select Monthly or Annual Subscription.
REMEMBER, you are receiving two free months (valued at $35.00)
that you can apply to your Annual Membership subscription.

5. Tap CHECKOUT at the bottom of the screen.

6a. On Mobile: In the upper right corner, tap ADD CODE and enter "SPRINGINTOSUMMER"

6b. On Desktop: on the left side panel, tap ADD PROMO CODE and enter "SPRINGINTOSUMMER"

7. Enter your payment information and tap PAY AND START TRIAL.

(Ignore the language at the bottom that indicates your starting date is 7 days from today)