Summer Sweat Challenge

Starts Monday, July 17, 2023!


Ready To Level Up Your Fitness Game?

It’s time to conquer the Summer Sweat Challenge! Amazing, 20 minute workouts you can do anywhere, a delicious meal plan, the best community, and some seriously fun mini challenges – all designed to keep you moving, grooving, and improving. Bring your A-game & enthusiasm. Let’s make this summer count!

Three Unique Training Programs

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to amp up your fitness, or ready to push boundaries, there’s a program for you.

Pilates Power-Up 

Gear up for dynamic, core-strengthening sessions that’ll re-energize your routine and push your boundaries.

Delicious Meal Plan

You’ll cook up a storm with a summer-inspired meal plan. Simple, delicious, and healthy

Vibrant Community

Get fit together! Train, sweat, and celebrate your progress in an energetic, supportive community.

Bingo Boost

Amp up your fitness game with our bi-weekly interactive bingo. Nail those tasks to win!

The Summer Sweat Challenge is $39.99!

*You need a PRETTY MUSCLES app subscription to participate in the challenge. If you are not a PRETTY MUSCLES member, you’ll have a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge.

Real People, Real Progress

Our past challengers have done it. Are you ready for your own transformation?

Turn Your Summer Sweat Into Rewards, With Over $10,000 In Prizes Up For Grabs!

Challenge Finisher

Consistency is key! Complete every single workout in the Summer Sweat Challenge and you’ll be in the running for the finisher prize.

Non-Scale Victory

Celebrate all types of progress, not just the ones reflected on the scale. Show us how you’ve grown, and you could win!

Community Builder

Help keep our community thriving and positive. Your efforts could lead to some fantastic rewards!

No Hype, Just Honest Reviews From Past Participants

Your Coach: Erin Oprea

For over 20 years, Erin has been helping women build PRETTY MUSCLES and elevate their health game. Erin’s all about making fitness a sustainable, balanced part of life. That’s what she’s bringing to the Summer Sweat Challenge.


This isn’t just a physical transformation; it’s about creating life long habits for strength, confidence, and vitality. With Erin as your coach, you’ll be armed with the tools you need for sustainable health and fitness, well beyond 6 weeks.

Ready for Your Summer Sweat Journey?

Quick Workouts: Squash the ‘no time’ excuse! These 20-minute, anytime, anywhere workouts are your secret weapon for staying on track, even when life gets busy.

Core-Boosting Pilates: A unique addition to your fitness journey, guided by guest trainer, Kayla Struska.

Summery Meal Plan: Healthy, delicious, and in season – enjoy eating well all summer.

Community Spirit: Be part of our private, supportive fitness fam and share the journey together.

Bingo Frenzy: Bi-weekly interactive tasks with the chance to win exciting prizes!

Take the plunge into the Summer Sweat Challenge today and start your journey towards a stronger you!

Still Have Questions?

The Summer Sweat Challenge is priced at $39.99, plus your PRETTY MUSCLES app subscription. If you’re not a PRETTY MUSCLES member yet, you can start with a 4-week FREE trial.

Absolutely! The Summer Sweat Challenge is designed to be accessible for everyone. Whether you prefer to work out at home or at the gym, you can fully participate. For home workouts, you’ll need some basic equipment like a mat, resistance bands, dumbbells, and a medicine ball.

Of course! The Summer Sweat Challenge offers three programs tailored to your fitness level.

Starter Set: Perfect for beginners, this program gently kick-starts your fitness journey, building foundational strength and stamina.

Shape Up Sequence: Designed for intermediate participants, this program takes your fitness regime to the next level, enhancing muscle tone and boosting stamina.

Hardcore Edition: An advanced and intense fitness challenge for those ready to push their boundaries and take their fitness to new heights.

Access to the Summer Sweat Challenge is available through the PRETTY MUSCLES app. The challenge will go live a couple of days before the official start date, so you’ll be all set to get started on your fitness journey.

The challenge is six weeks. It starts Monday, July 17th and ends on August 13th.

You’ll need dumbbells, a mat, resistance bands, and a stability ball.

Still have questions? Please reach out to