Empowered & Thriving at Every Stage of Womanhood

The Every Woman Challenge

Starts Monday, OCTOBER 2ND!


Empower, Evolve & Embrace Your Body’s Unique Journey

Unlock a transformative experience that equips you with the knowledge and skills to cherish and care for your body at every stage. Learn how to train and fuel according to your unique needs, supported by a community and experts every step of the way.

Tailored Training Programs

Three distinct routines, ensuring every woman finds her fit, all under 30 minutes

Pilates & Mobility

Dynamic sessions to reinvigorate your core strength, energy and recovery.

Fall-Inspired Meal Plan

Dive into flavorful and nourishing recipes celebrating the season’s best

Live Education Sessions

Expert-led insights into the intricate balance of nutrition, hormones, and well-being

Vibrant Community

A supportive space to train, share, and revel in each accomplishment

Weekly Fun Challenges

Engage, compete, and stand a chance to win enticing prizes

The Every Woman Challenge is $49.99!

*You need a PRETTY MUSCLES app subscription to participate in the challenge. 
New PRETTY MUSCLES members will receive a free trial for the duration of the challenge

Strong, Fit & Healthy In Every Stage Of Life 

Past challengers have seen incredible transformations. Ready to see yours?

Win Big In Wellness

Join the challenge and stand a chance to claim your share of over $10,000 in prizes!

Challenge Finisher

Commit to every workout in the challenge and you could snag the finisher prize. Dedication pays!

Non-Scale Victory

It’s not just about numbers. Share your personal growth and achievements, and you might just win big.

Community Builder

Be the positive spark in our community. Your efforts could earn you special rewards.

Weekly Prizes

Engage in our weekly tasks and games. Each challenge is a new chance to win

No Hype, Just Honest Reviews From Past Participants

Meet Your Coach, Erin Oprea

With over 20 years of experience, Erin Oprea has mastered the craft of cultivating PRETTY MUSCLES. It’s a mantra that transcends the ordinary — not just achieving a toned look, but ensuring a body remains lively and robust, whether you’re in your spirited 20s or elegant 80s.

The Every Woman Challenge isn’t just a short-term endeavor. It’s a pledge to embrace fitness as a way of life, fostering habits that don’t just transform bodies, but fortify them for the long haul. Under Erin’s expert guidance, you’re taking a step towards a journey that celebrates and thrives in every phase of womanhood.


Ready to thrive at every stage?

A Lifelong Blueprint for Strength, Balance, and Vitality

Navigating life’s phases requires more than just grit; it requires guidance. The Every Woman 2.0 Challenge provides you with the tools and knowledge to tackle each stage of life with confidence.Through tailored workouts and nutritional wisdom, unlock the secrets to thriving health and self-confidence

Three Training Tiers: Choose from three different programs. No matter your level, get fit in 30 minutes or less

Pilates and Mobility Magic: Strengthen that core and give those muscles the love they deserve with re-energizing Pilates and vital recovery sessions.

Live Education Sessions: Learn about nutrition, hormones, and how your body changes over time with Erin and guest experts

Delicious Meal Plan: Enjoy autumn-inspired tasty, healthy meals

Vibrant Community: Join a group of like-minded women. We train, support, and cheer each other on

Weekly Challenges & Games: Take on challenges, play games, and you might just win a prize

Ready to make a change?

Still Have Questions?

Joining the Every Woman 2.0 Challenge is $49.99, plus a subscription to the PRETTY MUSCLES app. But here’s a perk: new members get the app free during the challenge.

Not at all! You can do these workouts comfortably from your home or at the gym. Just ensure you have a few essentials: dumbbells, a mat, resistance bands, and a stability ball.

Absolutely! There are three distinct programs within the challenge. One of them is specially crafted for those just beginning or rekindling their fitness journey. No matter your starting point, there will be a training program for you.

Easy! The Every Woman 2.0 Challenge will be on the PRETTY MUSCLES app. It’ll be up and ready a few days before we kick off.

It’s a six-week ride, starting bright and early on Monday, October 2nd.

Still have questions? Please reach out to erin@prettymuscles.com.