Train with the ultimate,

multi-black belt superhero.

Join DOJO by Michael Jai.

Starts Monday, August 8th

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Learn the most effective and powerful combat techniques. Level up with combination moves, added endurance, and strength coaching to complement your training.

over 21,000+ transformations

. . . and counting

Sign up today and get:

A 12-week program that takes you from
basic martial art moves, and delving into
more complex techniques.

Home and Martial Arts Gym

options - train anywhere

30-45 minute workout sessions

Nutrition to supplement

your program

Track your progress - stay
within the app

Video sessions with
voice-over cues

Tips to make your
sessions easy to follow

Frequently adding new content ranging from self-
defense, tactical skills, and more.


My resume showcases a multi-faceted career as an actor, director, teacher, and martial artist. I am the first African American to play a superhero (Spawn) in a major motion picture. I hold black belts in eight martial arts styles with 26 titles, including U.S. Open, North American Open, and New England Grand Champion.


All of my accomplishments are a result of hard work. While others stopped dreaming 
and trying, I battled on, endured, persevered, and ultimately reached new heights. Everything I have achieved can be attributed to the martial arts teachings: discipline, focus, integrity, and hard work.


I am thrilled to share Dojo by Michael Jai. Join me as I teach you combat moves, combinations, mental concentration, and strategy. The fusion of body and mind will impact your life as a whole the way it did mine.

12-week plan designed for maximum results.
A community to build and grow together

Fuel your body with the right food




Save $60


*less than $10 a month

My Best Challenge Yet!

For the next 5 weeks we will be working on your biggest transformation yet, not just physically but mentally too. Take the guess work out of what to eat with my nutrition and meal plan guides to help you get maximum results. Burn, tone, and sculpt your body while you train your mind!

Join for only $11 a week and get:

Chance to win over $10K in CASH and prizes

A completely diverse 5 week challenge with 100s of exercises so you never get bored!

Choose from a Home or Gym plan so you can take the workout anywhere

NEW in app community of like minded individuals just like you that will support and cheer you on

Weekly lives with me (with some amazing special guests)!

Guided nutrition and meal plan

PLUS get FREE access to my brand new PHIVE App for the entire challenge!

Still not convinced?

See what my past clients have said:


What level of experience is the app targeted to?

This program is perfect for everyone. It starts with the fundamentals with beginners in mind and experienced martial artists who need a refresher or want to learn new skills/techniques. New programs will be released to challenge as you grow and develop your skills.

What equipment do I need?

You will need dumbbells, resistance bands, and a workout mat. You will benefit if you have a punching bag or a “bob,” but it’s not essential.

Where can I access the Dojo by Michael Jai?

You will find the Dojo by Michael Jai app on Apple and Google Play.

What type of device do I need to access the app?

The program is available on Apple and Google Play.

Wait! What if I have more questions?

No worries, reach out to for any inquiries.

Still have questions?

Please contact my team at with any other questions you might have!

Winners will be selected shortly after the Challenge ends. Prizes will be awarded 6-9 weeks afters winner are selected.