The Summer Stamina Challenge

Starts Monday, July 24 2023!


Ignite Your Fitness With The Summer Stamina Challenge

Step up your fitness game this summer with a 3-week program tailored to enhance your stamina and overall health. Experience a newfound energy, confidence and commitment with adaptable workouts that fit seamlessly into your schedule, anywhere, anytime.

Strength & Stamina 

Build strength & stamina with invigorating HIIT and high rep circuit training exercises

Packed Meals

Enjoy family friendly, easy to make meals packed with protein and produce.


Get support & encouragement from an incredible private community of women like you!

Results and Confidence
See What Others Are Saying!

Meet Your Coach, Taylor McAllister

For over a decade, Taylor has been a dedicated fitness coach, assisting women fromdiverse backgrounds in their transformative fitness journeys.


With a deep understanding of the importance of a balanced lifestyle, Taylor has committed herself to help women develop sustainable, healthy habits.


She has an innate knack for creating an atmosphere that encourages self-care, prioritizing one’s health, and ultimately feeling better and more confident.


Join Taylor in the Summer Stamina Challenge, create sustainable, healthy habits, and begin a lifestyle you love.

Ready To Transform 
Your Health & Fitness?

The Summer Stamina Challenge is your ticket to a stronger, healthier, and more confident you. This comprehensive program is designed to fit your busy life while making a big impact.

Power-Packed Workouts: Discover the transformational power of HIIT and high rep circuit training exercises that fuel your strength and endurance.

Wholesome Nutrition: Amplify your training impact with our easy-to-prepare,protein-rich, family-friendly meals. Not just nourishing, but truly delicious.

Inspiring Community: Be a part of our vibrant community of like-minded women, providing mutual inspiration and motivation throughout this invigorating journey.

Join the Summer Stamina Challenge and make this summer 
a turning point in your fitness journey. It’s time to unlock your potential with MACFIT. 

Still Have Questions?

The MACFIT Summer Stamina Challenge is FREE! You need a MACFIT app subscription to join the challenge. New members will receive a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge.

100% yes! You do not need a gym membership to participate. The workouts are designed, so you can train at home or the gym.

The Summer Stamina Challenge is designed for all fitness levels. All the workouts come with voice-over cues, prompts, and follow-along videos to meet you where you are at.

The Summer Stamina Challenge will be in the MACFIT app. When you register for the challenge, you will have exclusive access to the workouts, meal plan and more a couple of days before the official start date.

The Summer Stamina Challenge is 3 weeks, starting Monday, July 24th, 2023.

You will need dumbbells, resistance bands and a jump rope

Still have questions? Please reach out to