Invest in Your Strength

The Sculpt It Challenge

starts Monday, September 11, 2023!


Embark On A Lifestyle Revolution & Unlock Lasting Wellness!

Prepare to elevate both body and mind in the Sculpt It Challenge: a six-week program designed to instill sustainable strength and health.

Dynamic Workouts

Sculpt a lean, toned physique at the gym or in your living room

Nutrient-Rich Meals

Discover recipes that fuel your fitness and satisfy your palate

In-Depth Learning

Get fitness, wellness and health education during live sessions with Jen

Empowering Community

Flourish among like-minded individuals on the same transformative journey

The 6-Week Sculpt It Challenge is just $49.99!

*You need a Fit With Jen app subscription to join the challenge. New members will receive a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge

From Start To Stronger

See the incredible transformations from past Fit With Jen challenges and imagine what you could achieve

Elevate Your Efforts with Exceptional Prizes

As you sculpt your path to strength, Nutrishop and Reebok are here to reward your commitment

Challenge Finisher

Complete every workout to qualify to win

Community Builder

Encourage and motivate your fellow challengers

Best Transformation

Show off what 6 weeks of hard work looks like

Weekly Prizes

Get the chance to win a new pair of Reebok trainers every week

Non-Scale Victory

Share you accomplishments that go beyond the scale

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Results and Confidence. Real People, Real Progress

Meet Your Coach, Jen Heward

Jen is more than just a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach – she’s your guide to sculpting a sustainable and balanced life. With her extensive experience, she’s transformed the lives of countless individuals, focusing on whole-food nutrition, intentional strength training, and informed self-empowerment.

In the Sculpt It Challenge, Jen’s philosophy takes center stage: fitness isn’t a sprint, it’s a lifelong journey. She doesn’t advocate for quick fixes; she empowers you with the knowledge and habits that stand the test of time. Balance is her mantra, teaching you to harmonize fitness with all aspects of your life, so you can build a life rich in health, strength, and confidence

Embrace Strength, Balance, and Wellness

Embark on a six-week journey to elevate your health and lifestyle. With expert guidance from Jen, you’re investing in a sustainable, happier, and stronger future.

Invigorating Workouts

Choose from gym or home programs designed to spark your energy and sculpt your body.

Nutritious Meal Plans

Enjoy simple and delicious recipes designed to fuel your progress.

Live Education Sessions with Jen

Gain insights and knowledge from an industry expert, right in your living room.

Supportive Community

Engage with a motivated group of fellow challengers ready to encourage you.

Long-Lasting Lifestyle Change

Gain the tools and knowledge to maintain your fitness and health beyond the challenge.

Over $5,000 In Prizes

Get the chance to win rewards, thanks to our sponsor, Nutrishop.

Still Have Questions?

The 6-Week Sculpt It Challenge is $49.99. You need a Fit With Jen app subscription to join the challenge. New members will receive a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge.

The Sculpt It Challenge has an at-home and gym program, so membership is not a requirement.

Congratulations on making the decision to take care of your fitness. The Sculpt It Challenge is designed for all fitness levels.

The Sculpt It Challenge is in the Fit With Jen app on iOS and Android. You will have access to the challenge a few days before the official start date. Don’t worry, we will email you your checklist, so you have everything you need.

The Sculpt It  Challenge is 6 weeks, starting Monday, September 11th.

You will need Dumbbells, Mat, Bench, Booty bands and Long bands.

Still, have questions? Please reach out to