Your Best Summer Starts Now!

Welcome to a healthier, more vibrant, empowered you.

The Summer Revive Challenge starts
Monday, July 10th!

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Wave goodbye to the ordinary, 
and say hello to an extraordinary you!

The Summer Revive Challenge is more than a fitness program—it’s a comprehensive journey 
towards lasting health and vitality. The challenge integrates expertly curated workouts, balanced meal plans, and enriching education, all designed to empower you to fully reclaim your health.

Dynamic Workouts

Easy-to-follow workouts designed for all fitness levels.

Holistic Health Education

Uncover insights about hormones, menopause/perimenopause, thyroid function, and gut health.

Delicious Meal Plans

Nourish your body with our wholesome, tasty, &  nutrient-dense meals.

Vibrant Community

A community that keeps you motivated & accountable.

Get all of this for just $49.99!

*You will need to have a subscription to the FitLove Squad app to participate in the challenge.
New members get a free trial for the duration of the challenge.

See the incredible journeys of past challengers

Reap Rewards Beyond Health - 
Over $5,000 in Prizes Await You!

Make your health journey even more exciting with a chance to win from a pool of $5,000 worth of prizes! Unleash your full potential in the Summer Revive Challenge, and you might just be rewarded in more ways than one.

Best Transformation

Demonstrate the power of 6 weeks of perseverance and hard work, and you could bag the 'Best Transformation' award.

Non-Scale Victory

Health is more than just a number. We celebrate victories beyond the scale, recognizing the true milestones in your wellness journey.

Community Builders

Foster positivity and uplift others on their journey. Your encouraging spirit could earn you the 'Community Builder' award!

The Finisher

Stay committed, complete all workouts, and you might just be crowned 'The Finisher.' After all, nothing speaks louder than the spirit of seeing things through!

the Success: In Their Own Words

Your Coach Erica

From shedding 160 lbs to embracing a lifestyle centered on holistic wellness, Erica’s journey is one of transformation. She espouses a fitness ethos that’s about more than just physical strength. Erica advocates for open dialogues on vital women’s health topics – including hormones, thyroid issues, gut health, and the stages of menopause. She aims to empower women to understand and prioritize their health.


This summer, Erica invites you to join her in the Summer Revive Challenge, where fitness meets holistic health advocacy, allowing you to reclaim your optimal health.

Embrace the Transformation:

Join the Summer Revive Challenge and embark on a journey towards holistic health and optimal wellness. This isn’t just about fitness—it’s about embracing a lifestyle that energizes, empowers, and enlivens.

Comprehensive Workouts: Break a sweat with expertly designed, diverse workout routines that cater to all fitness levels.

Health Education: Empower yourself with knowledge about thyroid health, gut health, stages of menopause and more.

Nutritious Meal Plans: Nourish your body with our delicious, nutrient-dense meal plans. We're bringing healthy back to the kitchen!

Exciting Prizes: Stay motivated with the chance to win from over $5,000 in prizes. Celebrate your health victories with rewards!

Still Have Questions?

The Summer Revive Challenge is just $49.99 + FitLove Squad app subscription. If you are a new FitLove Squad member, you will have a FREE trial for the duration of the challenge!

Yes! The workouts can be completed at home or the gym.

The challenge is designed for all fitness levels. The training meets you where you’re at.

You will have access to the Summer Revive Challenge in the FitLove Squad app. The challenge will be available a couple of days before the official start date.

The 6-week Summer Revive Challenge starts Monday, July 10 and ends Sunday, August 20th.

You will need the following equipment for the HOME option of the challenge. 

  • – Mat
  • – Dumbbells

For the GYM option, you will use the standard equipment you can find in any gym.

Still have questions? Please reach out to