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Fit Love Programs 
1, 2, & 3

Build strength, create lean muscle, and achieve healthy weight loss with incremental workouts that help you to get better every workout.

Booty Band 

Activate your glutes & build your booty up with full body workouts that work your long and short muscles. Don’t underestimate the power of the bands, you are going to feel the burn!

Mobility & Stability Program

Move your body through a range of motions to improve your stability, reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility, and help build your strength. This is the perfect stack to add before or after your workouts

These Women Did It. Now It’s Your Turn.

Hundreds of Recipes Everyone Will Love

Nutrition is essential for your health and training. The FitLove Squad nutrition has recipes for every meal of the day, including snacks.

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Connect with women who support and cheer each other on through and through. Share your goals and your wins! 

I Lost 160 Lbs, 
Kept It Off & Changed My Life

When my son asked me to join him on the floor to play with him eight years ago, I flatly told him no. I didn’t have the energy or mobility to play with him. As soon as I turned him down, something clicked, and I went to weigh myself, shocked to discover that I weighed 320 lbs!


This was the fire I needed to change my life. I began working out, improving my nutrition, and creating sustainable healthy habits. I lost 150 lbs and have kept it off, and I found my calling; I became a fitness and wellness coach. I help women get fit and healthy.


I want to be your coach and cheerleader!


Every step of the way, I will be there with you in the FitLoveSquad app. You will transform into a stronger, healthier, and happier person. I want you to live your life to the fullest.


Whether you are starting or relaunching your fitness journey, I will meet you where you’re at. 

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