A FREE 3-week journey to ultimate fitness

The Chisel & Shred Challenge

starts Monday, July 24th, 2023!


Carve Your Path to Peak Fitness

Embark on Michael Jai White’s exclusive 3-week cut-focused challenge. Sculpt your physique, shred fat, and stand tall in your newfound strength.

Hardcore Workouts

Experience rigorous, cut-focused sessions that push your limits and redefine your strength.

Powerful Nutrition

Feed your transformation with a finely tuned meal plan for optimized fat loss.

United Community

Share the grind and the glory with fellow warriors in our exclusive community.

Meet Your Trainer: Michael Jai White

Unleash your potential with renowned actor, martial artist, and fitness guru, Michael Jai White. Best known for his roles in blockbuster action films, Michael channels his passion for fitness into helping others transform their bodies and their lives. 


Drawing on his extensive martial arts training and deep understanding of physical fitness, Michael has created this exclusive 3-week Chisel & Shred Challenge. Expect to push your boundaries, redefine your strength, and emerge with a physique that commands respect.

Ready To Smash Through Your Limits?

This FREE Chisel & Shred Challenge is more than just getting ripped – it’s about crafting a warrior’s mindset that knows no bounds. Under the mentorship of Michael Jai White, this 3-week journey promises to mold you into an unstoppable force.

Free Transformation: No cost, all gain. Redefine your physique and mindset without spending a dime.

Intense Workouts: Experience total body, fat-shredding sessions that unlock your ultimate potential.

Optimized Nutrition: Fuel your fitness journey with a meal plan designed for peak performance.

Exclusive Community: Share the journey, grind, and glory with like-minded fitness warriors.

The challenge is laid out. The glory awaits. Are you game?

Still Have Questions?

Good news! The Chisel & Shred Challenge is 100% FREE. No cost, all gain. Plus, new users will receive a free trial of the DOJO app for the duration of the challenge.

Absolutely. The arena for this challenge can be your living room, backyard, or anywhere you choose. It’s about the grit, not the location.

Yes! Whether you’re fresh on the path or dusting off the cobwebs, this challenge is crafted for all fitness levels. You set the pace, we bring the heat.

Easy. The training program and meal plan will drop into the DOJO app a few days before we kick off on July 24th. New users will even score a free trial of the app for the challenge duration.

Set your sights on 3 weeks of solid grind. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your peak physique.

Get ready to make dumbbells, resistance bands, jump rope and a mat your new best friends. That’s all you need to unleash the beast.

Commit to a daily showdown of 30-40 minutes. In less time than a TV episode, you’ll be sculpting a physique that turns heads.

Still have questions? Please reach out to dojo@plankk.com